I am a visual artist delivering workshops in schools, community and healthcare settings. I am Project Coordinator and co founder of Tough Dough CIC.

Animation: I specialise in stop frame animation and have extensive experience delivering animation workshops and making films in education and community settings.

Bertie the Bug by infants after school club: St Uny


‘Sleep, Play and Love’ by Wild Project Parents commissioned by NHS with Arts for Health Cornwall

To see more animated films on Vimeo click here

Schools: I have worked in schools alongside teachers to enhance learning of the curriculum in multi media and animation. Animation projects can span in time from one day workshosp to six months, the emphasis is on creativity and visual artwork.

Community and Healthcare: I have worked in museums and galleries settings taking inspiration from artwork and exhibitions. I have worked with a wide range of age groups and abilities to promote health and well being. In particular I have worked with Arts for Health Cornwall, Smart Savings, the NHS, Carefree and the Wild project as a workshop leader implementing creative activities to promote health and wellbeing.

Festival Arts: I have worked for WOMAD, Tom Bawcocks, Golowan and Lawfrowda Festivals making large processional imagery, lanterns, costumes and multiples with school groups and families.