Profile 1I am a landscape painter living in Mousehole in Cornwall. I come from a tradition of plein air painters in Penwith. My work follows the changing patterns of the day, season and weather scape. I hope to capture transitory moments of light, colour,  tide and time and communicate its beauty and magic on canvas. I have a formal background in painting and attended Bristol Polytechnic and Falmouth School of Art.  I have been involved in education and have exhibited in Cornwall and the West Country.

I am a visual artists and educator.  My creative practise in education has involved delivering art workshops in schools, communities and in health care settings. My area of expertise is in making animated films. I am project Coordinator of Tough Dough CIC. Our organisation develops projects in Cornwall with the aim of ‘making art that celebrates heritage food and sense of place’.

Art Work for Sale: Please following this link if you are interested in seeing my current online gallery of paintings


News: I am taking part in the Open Studios Cornwall

Open Studios Cornwall 2018 will run from Sat 19th May – Mon 28th May 2018